News: JULY 2013

18 July 2013

Mr Shozi, from the Lonmin’s legal counsel, started cross-examining Major General Mpembe.
When asked about his eligibility to be the overall commander at the Marikana operation, General Mpembe said that he considers himself to be competent to act as the overall commander due to his training and extensive experience at the SAPS. Major General Mpembe said that he does not consider himself to be wholly responsible for the occurrences during the Marikana Commission because there were other role players who were involved.

General Mpembe said that the other role players were Major General Annandale, who worked as his deputy and many other officers who were responsible for a number of units. These include:

  • Brigadier Calitz, who was the operation commander
  • Major General Naidoo Forward Holding Area 1 (FHA1) commander
  • Brigadier Fritz, STF commander
  • Brigadier Chiloane, NIU commander
  • Lieutenant Colonel Pitsi, Forward Holding Area 2 (FHA2) commander
  • Colonel Makhubele worked under Brigadier Calitz
  • And various other officers who worked as section commanders

“During the implementation of stage 3, I did not see a need to go to the koppie because the operational commander was there. It is true that I was airborne for 20 minutes during the implementation of stage 3 and I did not make any orders because there was no advice sought from me. I was airborne so that I could give advice only when necessary and to respond to any queries. Brigadier Fritz’ helicopter was used to communicate between him and the commanders on the ground and I was listening to all the communications on the radio,” continued the Major General.

Major General Mpembe said that he did not go to the koppie after he heard of the shootings because he had competent officers who knew what to do in such situations.